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    Apr 30, 2018
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    IGN (Your Minecraft In Game Name) -

    Age (How old are you? Be truthful) -

    Timezone (What timezone do you live in? Eg. UK = GMT, NYC - EST) -

    If another staff member was promoted and you weren't, would you be jealous?
    Depends if I was doing more work or not, but if he was promoted and I was doing more work I would mention it, but I wouldn’t make it be an issue. If he was doing more work I would congratulate them and be happy for them.

    Do you consider fellow staff members as friends or colleagues and why?
    Both. Maybe once we reach a point where we don’t have to work as much I would become more of a friend with them, but to get as much work done as possible I would treat my colleagues with respect and professionalism.

    What is better to grow a server?, Strong and Defined Punishments or Weak and Climbing Punishments?
    (Strong and Defined being one size fits all) (Weak and Climbing being as they repeat the same offense the punishment grows)
    It’s a hard decision because punishments don’t determine the success of a server. Also it depends on the actions, like if it’s just spamming the chat I’d say it’s a mute but definitely not straight to a ban.

    What is the job of a helper in contrast with the job of a moderator?
    A helper can’t hand out big punishments such as bans or screensharing people, but they watch chat and keep that clean. Moderators is not much of a difference because when you get promoted you gain more of a responsibility, you don’t lose the helper responsibility. You gain access to more permissions and handle bugs and talking with owners and managers about getting them fixed.

    Have you ever been a staff member before? (This is not a necessity, state information about the experience)
    Oh yes, I’ve been staff on an abundance of servers. Oxyrise, PotionPvP, AreoPvP, RoyalPvP, and many older ones. I mainly work as a manager or an administrator. I take pride in my work and love having a lot of responsibility.

    Why do you want to be staff on ES?
    I see ES as an emerging server with a lot of potential. I have seen how hard your team works and their determination and it is pretty astonishing. Personally, I feel like the server is lacking management. There isn’t a ton of organization, and that would be where I would come in. I would work to keep everything squeaky clean and organized.

    Have you ever been banned? (Be truthful - whether you have or haven’t, won’t affect your application) -
    Yes I have been, like many others I was once an immature young kid who downloaded random clients off of the internet.

    What’s special about you? (Tell us about yourself, what makes you more special than all the other applicants? Eg. Skills to do with the server ) -
    I work well with people, I am very understandable and respectful (it is just what I have heard and what I sum up about myself). I enjoy helping in every way possible and working hard to make my projects 110% better than what they were.

    Is there anything else you would like to tell us? - (Real life stuff, skills or anything really!) -
    I like to keep myself busy so I love watching sports, playing outside and riding dirtbikes. I love listening to music and hanging out with friends. I work for a tree trimming company and my boss preaches that I have a really good work ethic which has brought me to a high position in the company as a 16 year old. I hope you take my application into consideration as I would love to help out with ES III!
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    Oct 30, 2017
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    This staff-application is made with professionalism and consideration, which is very good.

    The only thing is that I'm a bit worried that you're going to leave the ES staff-team to join a bigger server, like one of our earlier staff members did.

    And by the way, aren't you extremely busy, since you do all those things in the "Is there anything else you would like to tell us"?

    Good luck!

    - Quality.
  3. RyDawg

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    Jan 8, 2018
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    I like it! Good luck and you sound very professional!

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