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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by DarkAssassin, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. DarkAssassin

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    Oct 1, 2017
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    Hey guys it's me again, and welcome to my third suggestion in 2 days(this is why I have no irl friends :D). This one is about balance changes for spawners, new spawners/ tiers of spawners and much more!! I am popping out these threads and putting effort into them so would be appreciated if you like them and comment more ideas.Without further hesitation lets hop in to 'the spawner update!!'

    Balance changes- So some spawners atm I think either cost too much or their drops aren't selling for enough.An example of this is the slime spawner, a spawner with a shop price of 200k, but a spawner that takes hours upon hours to make back it 200k worth.Despite this I think the 200k price is fine, I think the price of the drops needs to rise. I would make slimeballs sell for $7 and lime dye for $2 but this could chance.

    Here are my other balance ideas:

    Silverfish: Price down to 35k

    Cow: Price to 125k

    Endermite: drops up to $8 for eye of ender and $2.25 for purple dye

    Creeper: Gunpowder to $15

    Guardian: Price down to 850k or $24 for prismarine shards

    IG: Poppies up to 5-10 dollars

    I am sure there will be more balance changed that would have to change because of this but this is most of them.Now onto... TIER 6

    Tier 6-250mil

    Pig Spawner
    Drops: Golden nuggets (would dissallow crafting of golden ingots into nuggets) and Pork

    Price of drops: Golden nuggets $60, Pork $30
    of drops per pig: golden nuggets 3-5 Pork 0-2
    Cost: 20 mil-50 mil

    Zombie pigman
    Drops: Golden swords(would disallow crafting of them) and yellow dye
    Price of drops: Golden swords $100-$200(because they don't stack) Yellow dye $14
    of drops per zombie pigman: golden swords 1-2 yellow dye 0-2
    cost: 25-50 mil
    Bonus: also gives 20 xp(double blazes xp)

    Magma Cube spawner

    Drops: Magma cream and Rose red
    Price of drops: Magma cream $85 rose red $25
    Efficiency of drops per Magma cube: 0-2 magma cream 1-3 red dye

    Other spawner related suggestions:

    Allow a filter for your inventory that you can pick doesn't let certain things in.For example you could block blaze rods and orange dye out of your inventory so when you are grinding it doesn't clog up your inventory

    Chunk loaders- loads chunks in so you can afk a bigger area
    Cost-5 mil per

    Thanks for reading my suggestion again guys, remember to like and comment more ideas to help our already amazing server, but from me it's time too....

    Peace out!-EvilCreeves
  2. StormHazard_

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    Sep 30, 2017
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    Really good ideas, I would love to see tier 6 implemented!
  3. DarkAssassin

    DarkAssassin Member

    Oct 1, 2017
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    Yeah me too, would make a great late game!!

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