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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by DarkAssassin, Aug 24, 2018.


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  1. DarkAssassin

    DarkAssassin Member

    Oct 1, 2017
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    Hey everyone, it's me again. This is the new enchants, new amulets and even a new type of enchant I think should be added to the game to make pvp even more fun.Comment more ideas/ tell me ideas you like. Thankyou and enjoy.


    Unholy- 5 % chance(I was going to say 10-20% but then if you stacked it on all armor that is 40-80% chance) to get rid of negative enchants when you are hit.

    TitanForged- doubles durability on items

    Consume - Chance to heal whilst running

    Aura- People 2 blocks next to you take 0.5-1 heart every 3-5 seconds

    Gears(boots only)- Gives permanant speed two

    Springs(boots only)- Gives permanant jump boost 2

    Charged- Gives 2 extra hearts

    Icy - Slows enemies that hit you

    Blind- Chance to blind people that hit you

    Repulse- Gives the enemy nausea


    Blood lust- Heals you for a third of the damage you do

    Disarming- Very low chance to disarm the enemy

    Magnetism- When you kill someone their loot(all of their loot you can hold) will go into your inventory

    Launch-Chance to launch your enemy 5 blocks into the air

    Ender Shift- When hitting the enemy chance to tp behind them

    Knockback- Higher knockback on the enemy


    Demolish- does 1.5-2x extra durability damage

    Beserker- If you get 3-5 hits on an enemy without them hitting you, gain strength 1

    Thunder- Strikes the enemy with lighting dealing 2-3 hearts of damage (cooldown of 20 seconds)

    Headless- Drops the enemies head

    Magma- Has a small chance to light your target ablaze


    Pierce- Ignores all armour

    Headshot- Headshots do 1.5-2x damage

    Switch- Swaps the position of the enemy hit with the arrow with you

    Punch- Gives knockback to your bow shot

    Infinity- Only requires 1 arrow

    Particles- Gives your arrow a trail

    New amulets?!

    Amulet of Air- Pink dye

    Passive- Breeze attack(idk couldnt think of a name xD)

    Adds extra knockback to your hits

    Right click- Gust of the Gods

    Knocks the enemy back 5 blocks(or until they hit a block)

    Amulet of Aether- Orange dye

    Passive- Celestial power

    Permanant Strength 1

    Right click- Cosmic teleport

    Teleports you any direction within 10 blocks

    And finally the new type of enchants.. Ultimate enchants

    These enchant would only be able to be acquired at level 20, and would have a very low chance of getting them (1-10%). However it would be worth it as these enchants are godly, and could change a pvp situation quickly.There would be one or two of these enchants for each piece however you could only ever get one on one piece since they only have a chance to be gotten at level 20/ the final enchant. Here are a few I thought of

    Zeus' bolt(Chestplate)-

    When being hit has a chance to strike everyone in a 10 block radius with lightning, dealing huge damage.

    Extreme speed(boots)

    Gives permanant speed 3

    Divine Snipe (Bow)

    When you hit your target with a bow

    Wisdomy wisdom? (sword)

    gives 5 more xp when you kill a mob.

    Those are my suggestions, some may be a bit op but that it is for you to decide and what would be balanced.Thanks for reading my thread, I hope you liked some of my ideas but now I am creating this thread soo..

    Peace out-EvilCreeves
  2. StormHazard_

    StormHazard_ Member

    Sep 30, 2017
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    Sounds Good :) Your a god EvilCreeves <3
  3. DarkAssassin

    DarkAssassin Member

    Oct 1, 2017
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    Thanks man

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