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    Staff requirements:

    These are the requirements necessary to apply for staff on Enchanted Skies -
    (you do not answer these questions in your staff application)

    • Age - You must be at least 12 or over.

    • Discord - You must have access to Discord, having a smartphone would be helpful.

    • Voice Calls - You need to feel comfortable being in a Voice Call, and having a Mic is extremely useful.

    • Activity - Active in Discord/Server for atleast 7 hours a week (1 hour a day ave.)

    • Truthful - Being biased towards players is forbidden, and you will be demoted.

    • Upload - Being able to upload and preferably record screenshots and videos

    • Staff - You must not be a staff member on multiple servers.


    Application - Copy and paste this and make a new thread under the name ‘{name}’s application, or anything you would like, please answer all questions to some degree.


    IGN (Your Minecraft In Game Name) - Pennypegasus

    Age (How old are you? Be truthful) - 13

    Timezone (What timezone do you live in? Eg. UK = GMT, NYC - EST) - EEST

    If another staff member was promoted and you weren't, would you be jealous? Nah, if anything I would be happy, that the server is getting such a great staff member, and I'd try again next time.

    Do you consider fellow staff members as friends or colleagues and why? On this server I'd consider them friends, because it's a small server and basically everybody knows everybody. Don't take "It's a small server" like "It's a bad server" of course not, why would I apply for staff if it would be a bad server?

    What is better to grow a server?, Strong and Defined Punishments or Weak and Climbing Punishments?
    (Strong and Defined being one size fits all) (Weak and Climbing being as they repeat the same offense the punishment grows) I'm kind of in the middle here. When people get banned for things like autoclicking to grind, and it's for like 30 days then it's not so fair. But when somebody uses killaura in PVP, causing other players to lose their hard-earned items, and they get banned for 2-7 days then they can come back later and cheat even more. I'd think I'd choose Strong and Defined punishments tho.

    What is the job of a helper in contrast with the job of a moderator? Helpers, as you can see from the name, help people, while moderators grow the community and catch hackers/abusers. Helpers are more friends and moderators are more community growers.

    Have you ever been a staff member before? (This is not a necessity, state information about the experience)
    No, if i get accepted, this will be my first time!

    Why do you want to be staff on ES? Because its a great server and it's owned by one of my favorite youtubers, Creeves and the community is great. I'd love to grow the server! (BTW, Creeves why no videos?)

    Have you ever been banned? (Be truthful - whether you have or haven’t, won’t affect your application) - No, not on ES!

    What’s special about you? (Tell us about yourself, what makes you more special than all the other applicants? Eg. Skills to do with the server ) - I love having responsibility and helping people, and that's exactly what a staff member does, I also play the server everyday.

    Is there anything else you would like to tell us? - (Real life stuff, skills or anything really!) -Just a quick mention would be that I don't have a mic so communication between me and other staff members is a bit limited, and I also don't have a smartphone.

    Good luck and thanks for applying, don’t feel disheartened if you do not get accepted - and try again!
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    Hey man, first of all I'd like to say thank you for applying for staff. Here is some notes for you :)

    All right, it's not very smart to say "BTW Creeves, why no videos?" in a staff application. It will make you look at lot more unserious than you really are.

    When you get asked if you were banned before, we'd like to hear your experience (also on other servers,) whether if you were hacking or if you got false-banned.

    I really like you, don't get me wrong, but not having a smartphone or a microphone is not the smartest move. - More detail is needed.

    If you don't think about that, your application is very nice and you seem like a very nice person overall.

    Good luck with the application! :D

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