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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Superpug88, Apr 28, 2018.

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    Oct 17, 2017
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    IGN (Your Minecraft In Game Name) -My Minecraft IGN is _GucciPug_ at the moment I'm thinking about changing it.

    Age (How old are you? Be truthful) -I am i only 11 turning 12 this year

    Timezone (What timezone do you live in? Eg. UK = GMT, NYC - EST) -I am none of these i am in the Cst Timezone.

    If another staff member was promoted and you weren't, would you be jealous?-No because as long as i am staff on a server i would love it either way.

    Do you consider fellow staff members as friends or colleagues and why?-Friends because it isn't a job it is something we volunteer for.

    What is better to grow a server?, Strong and Defined Punishments or Weak and Climbing Punishments?
    (Strong and Defined being one size fits all) (Weak and Climbing being as they repeat the same offense the punishment grows) - I Say it would depend on why they got punished if it was like a mute it should get longer but if it is hacks or something like that they should be banned for the normal length.

    What is the job of a helper in contrast with the job of a moderator?-Helpers usually are chat moderators anjd Mods Ban players and can Moderate chat.

    Have you ever been a staff member before? (This is not a necessity, state information about the experience)
    I have not been a staff on Minecraft but i am a Moderator and Creeves Channel.

    Why do you want to be staff on ES?_ I Think This Server has a good community and people that need help should be helped and sometimes there is no staff online.

    Have you ever been banned? (Be truthful - whether you have or haven’t, won’t affect your application) -No i have never been banned from any Server.

    What’s special about you? (Tell us about yourself, what makes you more special than all the other applicants? Eg. Skills to do with the server ) -I Play skyblock a lot and I know a lot about it I have been playing for about a year now.

    Is there anything else you would like to tell us? - (Real life stuff, skills or anything really!) -I Play a lot of Minecraft in my free time.
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    Oct 30, 2017
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    Thank you a lot for your staff-application!

    One of the claims when making an application is to seem professional. This application needs more information, detail, grammar-correction and considerations to make it seem like that.

    What I mean about "considerations" is that you need to find something more to say in each category.

    ^ This is in the same boat as "information," but not the exact.

    All I just said is meant to help you and not make you sad or feel bad, in any way.

    • If this application don't get accepted, you're more than welcome to make another one a week after the denial.

    [IMPORTANT] Remember to follow the steps I just told you.

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